Friday, 30 October 2009

My Entry To Campbell Lace Beta's Blog Competition...

By now, you might have seen this.

Here's the backstory as to how such craziness came about:

The Campbell Lace Beta blog (via Campaign Live) are running a competition this month:
to get things going again and to celebrate our good fortune so far we're going to give a prize of £1000 to the most interesting, amusing, useful, useless, outrageous comment posted on our blog during the month of October.
It took me weeks to work out a response - and all the time, the cool entries started piling up - make sure you hit the threads from October and check them out, especially Lolly & Nat's and the Downfall parody. In fact, I only settled on my idea last night, and a bit of a rush it's been getting it executed. Strangely enough, it all stemmed from Garry and Robert themselves - they're figures of mystery; and despite it's transparency, the agency is to. How did it come about? What was it like, before Campbell Lace Beta. This alternate history is obvious not the answer, and it's a bit rough round the edges, but it's good for a laugh.

And if you liked it, maybe it's good for a vote too :)

***BONUS EASTER EGG*** - Now you too can colour in your very own poorly-drawn Garry Lace!

Full printable A4 here :D

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