Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Day Long Copy Died :(

So the Campbell Lace Beta competition vote (that's it, there) is well underway - but for me, the term 'well' is misleading:

oh :( and I was totally optimistic, too.

Well, it looks like that's most probably that then. Who knows what went wrong: entered too late, incredibly long to the point of being unreadable, just plain bad. The point is that I enjoyed it, a lot. II found myself typing and writing til I lost track of time, and I got a few looks for giggling on the bus when I started with:
Well Garry, this is it. I meant what I said when New Year’s came, as I held your cravat out of the way with you crouched over that toilet in Soho. Us Life On Mars D.C.I Tyler-style admen have to stick together in this new world of retweeting and Sky Plus. And that Web Twenty thing I keep reading about.
It was great. And whatever happens, it was awesome to see the boys try something new and fun and get such a positive response from everyone in an industry that sometimes seems to self-important for its own good. 

I liked it, I'd do it again. I've already won, I think :)

NB: Please, please go see all the entries. They're great!


  1. Hey there
    just wanted to say we love your idea, it's great. long copy most certainly isn't dead.
    good luck,

    lol x

  2. Aww guys, I think if you run away with it you'll most certainly have deserved it.

    And fair play to them for being playful with the commenting concept and running this sort of thing in the first place - and for having a *very* impressive sense of humour!

  3. If it's any consolation, I voted for you.


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