Sunday, 22 November 2009


I am in the APG's Battle Of Big Thinking on Thursday - in the open section, the one where you get three minutes to, I don't know, invent the next internet on stage or something. I sent in a submission that I thought was pretty gutsy and clever at the time but it's getting hard to substantiate and illustrate without looking really contrived. But then, is that not the pitch process in a nutshell? Or any presentation? Working out what you want to say, then working out what people could usefully hear, and disciplining yourself to only stick to that. And not getting bogged down in overillustration.

All I know is that it will involve the thing that made me have the idea:

Full presentation after I've given it. Wish me luck for Thursday...

That's Listening Post. It's still going, at the Science Museum. Go see.


  1. good luck! I think that means we're battling against each other, may the best (wo)man win :) do you know who else is up in the open mic section? I'm experiencing much the same issue in that I'm slightly nervous about looking like a total tit and my stuff being perceived as stating the bloody obvious (although v often I think good stuff should appear like it was staring you in the face all along....). anyway - looking forward to seeing you on thurs!

  2. Well Katy, you managed to sum up all the worries far more succinctly that I did, so I guess you're a shoe-in :)

    See you there!


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